Tribeza Style Week No. 15 | Dinner x Design

The Pershing

Saturday September 22nd 2018 7:00 pm –  10:00 pm

Dinnerxdesign invite
Dinner x Design, hosted by Tru-Skin Dermatology, is back for its third year. This year will not disappoint as we welcome Shannon Eddings Interiors, Joe Holm of Clayton & Little Interiors, Rachel Horn Interiors and Matthew Tsang who will work alongside top chefs from The Pershing, Rosewood, Il Brutto and The Brewer's Table. Sip on vino by Imagery Estates as you dine at one of four distinctive tables and enjoy multi-course meals meant to inspire and transport. Thanks to Estilo, Milk + Honey, Outdoor Voices, Ubuntu Life and Tru-Skin Dermatology, you won't leave this special evening empty handed. 

Valet services provided by Central Texas Valet. 

Matthew Tsang + The Brewer's Table Menu:




- Royal red shrimp ceviche, caramelized pumpkin, sunchoke cream and hopped apple water

- Venison tartare, sonoran wheat, sourdough pita, fermented herbs and toasted brewer's yeast

- Fall squash BBQ, ember roasted red kuri squash, hazelnut tahini and spiced pepitas



-Chocolate marjolaine layer cake, malted hazelnut praline, grilled banana and stout glaze

Shannon Eddings + Rosewood Menu:



-Custard egg yolk, cheddar rice porridge and fried mushrooms dash pickles

-Snapper ceviche with coconut cream kaffir lime dust and fermented Thai chili  

-Bourbon aged Wagyu striped steak with green bean casserole


Joe Holm + Il Brutto Menu:


-Ravioli with sheep ricotta, curly kale, butter and hazelnut

-Chicken saltimbocca with fontina cheese, prosciutto and sage and zucchini



-Tiramisu, mascarpone marsala mousse, espresso lady fingers, cinnamon and chocolate streusel

Rachel Horn + The Pershing


-fall squash, apples, honey and sardine

-texas tomatos, baby spinach, aniseed and almonds

-grilled eggplant, black garlic and harrisa

-post oak smoked Peking duck, collard greens and apricots

-tagine of maine scallop, monkfush, guancialle, brown butter cous cous and tons of garlic


-rose water pana cotta with lemon and strawberries


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The Pershing

2415 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78702, USA

Map of Event Location